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خالد يسلم

مواطن عنده حموضه

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Last night I heard the screaming
Loud voices behind the wall
Another sleepless night for me
It won’t do no good to call
The police
Always come late
If they come at all

And when they arrive
They say they can’t interfere
With domestic affairs
Between a man and his wife
And as they walk out the door
The tears well up in her eyes

Last night I heard the screaming
Then a silence that chilled my soul
I prayed that I was dreaming
When I saw the ambulance in the road

And the policeman said
“I’m here to keep the peace
Will the crowd disperse
I think we all clould use some sleep”


الحضاره يا جيفارا في المزاد
وانت صاحي
وللي بيزاود عليها الامريكان
اللي بيدلل عليها الامريكان
وللي عايز يشتريها الامريكان
وانت صاحي
وغزة صاحيه من زمان
كل ما يرسي المزاد .. يطلع جيفارا
ينولد من بسمته عيون العذارى
يحط روحه في الميزان
يطلع الشاري مع البايع خساره ..
وتبقى انت والحضاره ..
يا جيفارا





“I am 100 percent Palestinian and 100 percent Jewish” – Juliano Mer-Khamis – 29 May 1958 assassinated in Jenin in 4 April 2011

his documentary Arna’s Children won “Best Documentary Feature” 2004 Tribeca Film Festival.

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